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Patriot Docks can be ordered with maintenance-free poly Dock-Topô panels or with cedar decking. Both options involve 4' x 4' drop in sections that are easy to handle. With Patriot Docks, deck panels are supported all around their perimeter and down the center. Most dock makers only support the ends and the center. The difference results in secure panel end support for a solid feel as you move up and down your dock. Only Patriot Docks include strong cross tie supports every four feet. Both types of panels stay put because of the underside rails and/or ribs. 

Cedar Deck
Our cedar decking is made of premium grade cedar. Pre-assembled 4' x 4' drop-in cedar panels make for easy handling. Easy to install and remove.

Poly Dock-Topô
The poly Dock-Topô is a super strong molded deep rib panel with see though slots to protect the habitat below. These non-slip panels are easy on the feet and easy on the eyes. Each section is constructed out of four panels that are connected by nearly invisible connecting clips underneath for a solid feel. No screws or bolts to loosen over time.

Individual panels connect together with 6 connecting clips. Simply lay panels upside down on a flat surface and tap on the self-aligning connecting clips with a hammer. It takes just a minute or two for each 4x4 section. Optional Deck Lockers keep poly decking on the dock in windy conditions. These mount on the bottom side at the edge joints. Simply twist the rotating swivel to "lock" the panel to the frame. For more details on the Dock-Topô go to

Aluminum Dock-Topô


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